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Each year, Rotary Club of Darien welcomes men and women to become members, serving as representatives of diverse businesses, professions, and volunteer community activities.

We welcome the following:

  • Individuals active in a business, profession or volunteer activity.
  • People willing to help and participate in projects that enhance Darien and the surrounding communities.
  • Women and men willing to work on projects that help other communities worldwide to promote understanding and goodwill.

Rotary Club of Darien provides:

  • Fellowship with other managerial, professional, and volunteer leaders.
  • Ongoing practical education.
  • Developing Leadership Skills while having fun.
  • Enjoyable projects effecting change within your community.
  • Gaining an understanding of and have an impact on local and international humanitarian issues.
  • Developing relationships with colleagues from a wide variety of businesses and industries.

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