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In the summer of 2012, our Club joined with the

Rotary Club of Kilifi, Kenya, to build a much-

needed sanitary facility at the Vutakaka Junior

School in Takaungu. Here is an excerpt from the

blog of the East Africa Center which oversees

the school:

We have now completed our new block of 6

toilets, thanks in large part to funding from the

Rotary Club of Darien, CT.  As a member of the

Rotary Club of Kilifi, Kenya, I approached the Rotary Club of Darien (my hometown) when I

visited home in November of 2011.  The club was enthusiastic about partnering with a club in

Kenya and starting to work on something in this region of the world.  As the Kilifi club was

already becoming famous for building toilets, and Vutakaka Junior School desperately

needed some more toilets, we decided the Rotary Club of Darien would partner with the

Rotary Club of Kilifi and we would build the needed toilets at VJS.

I am happy to say, the toilets came out beautifully!  There are 3 toilets on the girls side, and 3

on the boys side with a urinal running along the boys side as well.  The other two toilets you

see in the picture to the right will be used for girls now.  The Ministry of Health in Kenya sets

the optimal toilet to student ratio at 1:30.  Before this project, we had only 4 toilets for the 240

students at the primary school and all the teachers.  We can now give the teachers two of

their own toilets, and are left with 8 toilets for 240 students (exactly 1:30!)  We are so happy

that we have been able to complete this important project.  It has improved sanitation at our

school, which reduces the chance of diseases like worms, typhoid, and cholera.  Data from

the World Health Organization and Unicef from 2008 reports that only 31% of rural Kenyans

are using updated sanitation facilities.  Thanks to the Rotary Club of Darien, VJS is now has

adequate (and even beautiful) sanitation facilities and is in-line with the EAC goal of a holistic

approach to education and health.

(Blog posting by KenyaHQ, August 24, 2012)